6 Week At Home Band/Dumbbell Program, Exercise Library & Ebooks

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Strength Training Fundamentals Ecourse/Ebook including:

  • How Fat Loss Works
  • How to Track Progress/Understanding Body Composition
  • How Muscle Building Works
  • Resistance Training and Fat Loss
  • Resistance Training for Strength Building
  • Will I Get Bulky?
  • Benefits of Resistance Training
  • Training Terminology
  • How to Select the Appropriate Weight
  • Types of Training
  • Muscle Groups
  • Types of Warm Ups/Benefits of Warm Ups
  • Types of Cool Downs/Benefits of Cool Downs
  • Optimizing Recovery
  • Drills/Exercises provided by Physical Therapist Rob Evans
  • Types, Benefits and Tips for Cardio
  • 6 week Strength Training Band/Dumbbell Workout Program with 2 different splits available for a 4 or 5 day split, along with 2 different styles of programming depending on the variety of resistance/weight you have available to you to be most effective. Workouts should take you anywhere from 40-60 minutes.
  • Full Exercise Library for this program with demonstrations on form and cues
  • Core Training - Physical Therapist Taylor Kuhn goes over how to properly engage core along with exercises in this program


  • Understanding Nutrition & Energy Balance
  • Macros Explained
  • Explanation of Different Approaches to Nutrition Intake
  • Tracking Macros/Calories
  • Meal Planning/Hitting Macro Tips
  • Recipe Ebook included for ideas
  • Nutrition Section is approved by Steph Skeba, RD

This does not include customized one on one nutrition/macro coaching, rather you will be given the tools to learn how to integrate nutrition into your lifestyle.


  • Positive Mindset Thinking Tips
  • Nutrition Mindset Tips
  • Setting Realistic Expectations and Goals

This program does not include one on one customized coaching and check ins.

What You Need:

This is a home based program and you will need access to:

  • Resistance Bands (Pull Up Assistance Bands/Large Loop Bands)
  • Dumbbells - not required, but if you have them there is an additional program that includes bands and dumbbells.

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