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Get Training and Lifestyle Programs With Jill Christine Fit


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Online Fitness Training near Lakeville


My GRIT program is monthly gym based training focused on your long term goals. Breaking each week into a 4 or 5 day split, you'll reach your goals & have a blast doing it! You'll have access to my exercise library and app to record your workout, track progress, and more! Check out my GRIT Basic and Premium programs today!

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Online Training near Lakeville

Home Programs

My 6 week at home training program is focused on your fitness goals and meets you where you are! You have options for 2 different styles of programming depending on the variety of resistance and weights you have available to you to be most effective. Join the JCF Community today!

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Online Training near Lakeville

Stand Alone Programs

With options for a 6 or 8 week program, this gym based training focuses on strength training with 4 or 5 day splits to focus on muscle groups and your fitness goals! Check out my beginner and intermediate programs today!

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Kelli Kaup

It has given me the courage to walk into the weightroom in a gym without feeling like I needed to "earn" a spot to be there. With your planning, I'm confident I'm on the right track for long-term succ...

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Angela Gagliano

Physically, this program has done a ton! I have always had a "butt", but it is lifted and sculpted. I feel my muscle definition and I feel tighter. Even just physically walking into the gym, I have gr...

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Heather Cantor

With Jill's programming and her private facebook community, I'm feeling more like ME again. I look forward to lifting, the programming keeps me engaged and excited about the next workout. With so many...

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Christina Stocks

Mental Progress: Having a positive attitude about my weight, physique and realizing that it's okay if I don't look like the person I wanted to look like, everyone is different. I feel GOOD and that's ...

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Mara Schroer

This program has helped me build the foundation for my life long health and fitness journey. It has created a sense of community in my life that I never knew I needed and would love so dang much! I ha...

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Fabrianne Schultz

Jill teaches like no other. I absolutely love her exercise library and how to correctly activate the right muscles for each move. I injured/strained my left pec minor in Nov. 2019. Went to physical th...

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Achieve Sustainable, Long-Lasting Progress With Jill Christine Fit

Welcome! I’m happy to have you here! I’m so excited to be offering my new program Foundations and my 6 Week Band/Dumbbell Home Programs! These programs are near and dear to my heart, as I wish there was something like this available when I first started my journey 12 years ago.

Let me give you a little background on myself to begin. I was slightly overweight my entire childhood. When high school began I gained even more weight, making poor decisions when it came to my health. After battling the internal and external struggles for some time, I knew I needed to make a change.

After high school, I decided to change my lifestyle. I started to exercise and make better decisions with my nutrition. I knew absolutely nothing and continued to learn as I went. I wasted a lot of time on “fad diets” and false marketing schemes, as it is overwhelming the information out there!

Some of the biggest game changers along the way was ditching the false expectations, learning the correct process and developing a better relationship with all aspects of the journey. All of this has allowed me to develop long lasting habits to truly make this a sustainable lifestyle I enjoy while taking care of both my mental and physical health!

I have seen many people start the journey, get frustrated when they don’t see the results and then give up, only to repeat the process again. I wanted to create a program with all the foundations to the lifestyle that took me years to learn with no true guidance so you can truly make a change that you can successfully continue for a lifetime!

In this program, you will be given the tools to learn how to make this lifestyle work for you and I will be there to cheer you on along the way!

Jill Christine Fit Program Education

Knowledge and understanding the process and the why is so important to long term success! I want to empower you to create an enjoyable lifestyle while reaching your goals! The ebook education bundle will provide you with the tools and education you need.

  • Training


    • How fat loss works, how muscle building works, and understanding your body composition
    • Resistance Training for Strength Building & Fat Loss
    • Training Terminology & Muscle Groups
    • Warm Ups, Cool Downs, and Optimizing Recovery & Nutrition

  • Nutrition


    • Understanding Nutrition & Energy Balance
    • Macro Food Lists, Tracking Macros, and Macros Explained
    • Explanation of Different Approaches to Nutrition Intake
    • Meal Planning and Tips to hit Macros

  • Mindset


    • Positive Mindset Thinking Tips
    • Nutrition Mindset Tips
    • Setting Realistic Expectations and Goals

  • Additional Resources

    Additional Resources

    • My First Recipe Book with 21 Recipe Ideas
    • Supplement Guide with Education on Supplements

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